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Vizito v1.3.3 available now!

Latest release is now available for download on the Apple appstore. Grab it here

Changelist v1.3.3 >

  • UIX improvements
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Support for multiple printers for one account
    • A printer is now linked to the iPad it was set on
    • This allows for using multiple printers (one per iPad) for one account
    • If your building has 2 entrances then 2 iPads and 2 printers can be set up using only one subscription
  • Streamline the visitor experience
    • When vizito notices a registered visitor signing in as a new visitor, it will show a hint directing the visitor to the "Registered visitor" tab
    • When a new visitor types a name in the registered visitors search field which is not found, a hint will appear directing the visitor to the "New visitor" tab

Vizito support portal

Use our support portal to open and track support inquiries with regards to Vizito

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