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Edit custom fields after the visitor signs in

You can edit your custom fields after sign in:

vizito customfields01

Select the visitor you'd like to edit:

vizito customfields02

Edit the visitor data

vizito customfields03

Change the custom fields and press the save button.

Apple iPad - iOS 12 update information

Apple has introduced new changes to their operating system iOS version 12.
One of these changes has an impact on your Vizito app.

By default you might have your iPad go into sleep mode after 20 minutes.

However there's an easy fix for this by configuring the following 2 settings for iOS 12:

General > Accessibility > Guided Access > Mirror Display Auto-Lock > ON.  

and Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock > Never.

New language support and emulator available!

We've added support for the Czech and Slovak language.

Also you can emulate Vizito in the browser using the following link: if you don't have a tablet at hand.

New language support added!

We're happy to announce that Arabic language is now supported in Vizito.

Vizito support portal

Use our support portal to open and track support inquiries with regards to Vizito

Open portal