How to set up your tablet in Kiosk Mode

This FAQ item will help you enable Kiosk Mode on your iPad.

Enable Guided Access

Go to Settings -> General -> Display & Brightness and set Auto-Lock to never.

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Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility, scroll down and tap on Guided Access. 

Turn it on and configure a passcode under Passcode Settings, do not forget to also turn on Mirror Display Auto-Lock. Otherwise the iPad will lock after 20 minutes even if it is in Guided Access mode.

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Next, go back to the menu General -> Accessibility and go to Accessibility Shortcut.

Change this setting to Guided Access:

Now, boot up the Vizito app and triple-click the Home button to go to the Guided Access menu. Disable Sleep/Wake button, Volume Buttons and Motion under Hardware Buttons:


Click on Start and Guided Access will be enabled:

Disable Guided Access

To stop Guided Access, triple-click the home button again and enter the passcode. Tap on Stop.

on 06/05/2018 by Pieter-Jan Dries
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This FAQ item will help you enable Kiosk Mode on your Android Tablet.

Enable App Pinning

Open Settings on your tablet and go to Security & location -> Screen lock and set this setting to pin.





Next, in Settings under Security & location go to Screen pinning and turn this feature on. Select Ask for PIN before unpinning and select Don't show notifications at all:



Now, go to the home screen and start the Vizito app and tap on the app switcher icon:


Tap on the pin in the bottom right corner of the Vizito app to start 'pinning' the Vizito app.

Disable App Pinning

To stop pinning apps, tap & hold Back and Overview buttons until the lock screen is displayed. Provide your pincode to unlock the device and App Pinning is disabled.

on 06/05/2018 by Pieter-Jan Dries
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